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WP1.5 & WP2.3 Launch of tender for the purchase of equipment


On 13 May, the tender for the purchase of equipment for the EUFORIA project was launched through the national public procurement website. As the budget for the purchase of equipment was more than €134,000, the tender has had to be launched according to the national regulations in Kosovo. The University of Peja is conducting the tender process on behalf of Staffordshire University.

The equipment includes computers, printers, servers, 3-D printers and video-conferencing equipment. The equipment will be used to facilitate the implementation of WP1 and WP2. Some will be installed in the placement offices of the six Kosovar partner universities for the use of placement officers and students and will facilitate the development of links with industry and placing students and staff in enterprises. Other equipment will be installed in teaching rooms allocated to teaching case studies and the improved curricula of partner institutions. Video-conferencing equipment will facilitate the participation of EU partners in various teaching and learning activities. Overall, the equipment will improve the teaching and learning conditions of partner universities in Kosovo and improve students’ and staff’s access to companies.

The maximum budget for the tender is 180,000 Euro. We are now waiting to receive offers from prospective suppliers. See: https://krpp.rks-gov.net/Default.aspx?PID=Notices&LID=1&PCID=-1&CtlID=ViewNotices&ID=118916

The decision to select the winner of the tender will be made in the week beginning 6 June.