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The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce

The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC-OEK) is a not-for-profit independent organisation and a leading business association in Kosovo. Established in 1962 by the Assembly of Kosovo, it is the legal representative of the interests of the business community in Kosovo. KCC-OEK’s objective is to improve the market economy for entrepreneurs and encourage competition between its members. It seeks to represent the interests of its members, to advise on business start-ups and give professional assistance to member companies and in particular promote investment and the development of Kosova’s economy more. KCC-OEK is represented through its regional offices in Gjilan, Ferizaj, Prizren, Gjakove, Peje and Mitrovice. Membership of OEK is on a voluntary basis. It consists of two main departments, thirty associations and over 15,000 registered members.

Role of the University in this project

The role of KCC-OEK will be to participate actively in the development of cooperation between universities and enterprises (WP1), attending the meetings and seminars of the project in Kosovo (WPs 2-4), publicising the SME Advice Centres to its members (WP5) and contributing to the discussions aimed at identifying the skills needed by graduates in Kosovo (WP3). It will support the Enterprise Survey of the project by forwarding it to its members and encouraging them to respond. KCC-OEK will also encourage its members to offer internships or placements to students of partner universities. KCC-OEK will attend the Dissemination Workshops and promote the activities of the Project whenever possible through its own networks and contacts. They will support SU in WP8 by good record keeping and retaining appropriate documents.

Staff involved in the project:

Besim Mustafa
Mr. Mustafa is the Head of the Vocational, Education and Training Department at the Kosova Chamber of Commerce (KCC-OEK). He has a Masters degree from the University of Prishtina. From 2004 to 2007 he worked as a project manager at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. He started work at the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce initially as Coordinator of the Centre for Training and Professional Development. He also participated in the National Group for Qualification Framework, Kosovo Education Strategic Plan .
Venera Rexha
Venera Rexha was born in Mitrovica, Republic of Kosova in 1990 where completed her primary and secondary education. She graduated from the University of Prishtina – Faculty of Economics. Ms. Rexha has worked for the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce since 2011 as the Project Management. Officer. She is engaged in research and economic analysis within the department of economic analyses in KCC, training, and projects in general implemented by KCC. Ms. Rexha is the contact person at the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce for the EUFORIA project.

Contact Person: Venera Rexha