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University Hasan Prishtina

University Hasan Prishtina (UP) is an autonomous public HEI engaged in education, research, artistic, professional and other fields of academic activities. It has the following objectives:

  1. To act as a leading centre for the advancement of knowledge, ideas and science for the HE system in XK;
  2. To play the leading role in the development of education, science, culture, society and the economic development of XK;
  3. To assist in the process of promoting democratic citizenship;
  4. To create and maintain the highest standards in teaching, learning and scientific research;
  5. To use resources in the most efficient manner;
  6. To cooperate and participate in educational activities nationally, regionally and internationally and align with European standards;
  7. To fully integrate into the European Higher Education Area (ie. the Bologna system, Lisbon Convention) and the European Scientific Research Area, and undertake appropriate reforms needed to achieve these objectives. UP accounts for over 70% of all students in XK.

The Faculty of Economics has over 13,000 students and is the largest Faculty of UP.  It has 12 full professors, 20 associate professors and 35 assistant professors. It has undergraduate programmes in Banking and Finance, Management, Economics, Marketing and Accounting. The Faculty also has 2000 postgraduate students and Masters’ degrees in Banking and Finance, Management, Economics, Marketing, and also Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development (which was developed as part of the Tempus project 145061-TEMPUS-2008-UK-JPHES). The Faculty also has 80 students enrolled on its PhD programmes in Banking and Finance, Management, Economics, and Marketing.

Role of the University in this project

The Faculty of Economics, UP will participate in all activities of the project. It will be the joint leader of WP 7, and will also participate in the activities of all other WPs. It will host workshops and seminars held in Prishtina; appoint Placement Officers and sign MoUs with partner companies of the project (WP1); nominate staff for staff placement and participation in workshops related to writing case studies (WP2), appoint staff to work on reviewing the curricula with a view to include skills and knowledge needed by enterprises (WP3), allocate staff to be involved in the provision of training courses for enterprises (WP4) and advice to SMEs (WP5). It will provide time for professors and assistants to attend workshops and seminars held in the EU as foreseen by the project (WPs 1-4). It will participate in, and contribute to the organisation of the Dissemination Workshops (WP7) and the internal and external evaluation of the quality of the project (WP6). UP-FE will work closely with the two NGOs to contact SMEs. It will support SU in WP8 by maintaining good records and documentation.

Staff involved in the project:

Ymer Havolli
Ymer Havolli is the contact person for the project for the Faculty of Economics and the Local Coordinator of the Project in Kosovo. He is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics, UP where he has taught Management, Human Resource Management and Business Ethics since 2003. He also has the experience of management and was Dean at AAB-Riinvest University. He is currently Chairman of the Kosovo Pension Savings Fund. He was the local coordinator of two Tempus Projects including the large regional project 145061-TEMPUS-2008-UK-JPHES Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, and CD_JEP 40031-2005 Development of Masters and PhD Programmes in Economics and Business in Kosovo. He has participated in many research projects funded by CIPE Washington, USAID, UNDP, DFID, the German Federal Government Fund for Cooperation and Development and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.
But Dedaj
But Dedaj has an extensive experience (16 years) of managing several international projects in the field of Higher Education in Kosova and other Western Balkan countries. The projects were mainly funded by the European Commission, USAID and the Austrian government. He has profound experience of the reform process of higher education institutions in Kosova and wider, and the development and implementation of projects that have targetted university-business cooperation. He was part of the Higher Education Reform Experts Team of Kosova (HERE Kosova), as well as a member of different professional bodies related to Higher Education in Kosova. In addition, he was part of the team for drafting the Law on the Higher Education of Kosova; the Strategy for the Higher Education of Kosova for the period 2005-2015; R&D Strategy for University of Prishtina; QA strategies for public and private HE institutions in Kosova. He is a distinguished Kosovar key expert in the field of higher education. Prof Dedaj is currently Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Prishtina

Contact Person: Ymer Havolli