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University of Gjilan “Kadri Zeka”


University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan

University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan (UKZ) was established by the decision of the Government of Republic Kosova on 06.03.2013, decision number 118/03, which was adopted by the Assembly of Kosova on 30.05.2013, with the idea of promotion and development of higher university education, research, artistic creativity for staff qualification up to doctoral degree.

The establishment UKZ enabled the inclusion of the greatest number of students in the region Based on vision and mission of the University “Kadri Zeka” in Gjilan: the role of university will be: Education of students with modern achievements of science, technology, cultivation of entrepreneurial and creative spirit, sense of legality and justice as well as enabling them to face future challenges in a dynamic and ever changing world.

The Public University of Gjilan consists of four academic units:

  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Computer Science                         

The University faculties consist of departments as regards the teaching activity. All faculties offer full-time studies at the bachelor level in compliance with the provisions of the University Statute. The prospective of the UKZ and its Rectorate is envisaged opening of new faculties in the near future

Role of the University in this project

As a new public university in Kosovo, UKZ will particularly benefit from its involvement in the project, especially by gaining project experience and building its capacity. It will be the joint leader of WP4 and will also participate in the activities of all other WPs. It will host workshops and seminars held in Gjilan; appoint a Placement Officer and sign MoUs with a partner company (WP1); nominate staff for placements and participation in workshops related to writing case studies (WP2), appoint staff to work on reviewing the curricula with a view to include skills and knowledge needed by enterprises (WP3), allocate staff to be involved in the provision of training courses for enterprises (WP4) and advice to SMEs (WP5). It will provide time for professors and assistants to attend workshops and seminars held in the EU as foreseen by the project (WPs 1-4). It will participate in, and contribute to the organisation of the Dissemination Workshops (WP7) and the work of the internal and external evaluators of the quality of the project (WP6). UKZ will work closely with the two NGOs to contact SMEs. They will assist SU in WP8 by maintaining good records and documentation.

Staff involved in the project:

Gëzim Tosuni
Dr. Gëzim Tosuni finished his Bachelors studies at the Faculty of Economics, University of Prishtina and his MSc and PhD at Staffordshire University in the UK. For his PhD thesis, he investigated the impact of corporate governance on the performance of banks and insurance companies using data from the United States, Kosovo, Montenegro and other SEE countries. Dr. Tosuni has a long experience of working in the insurance industry at managerial level. He is a certified insurance specialist by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) UK and a licensed insurance broker in Kosovo. Before UKZ Gjilan, Dr. Tosuni taught at AAB-RIINVEST and the Staffordshire University franchise programme in Kosovo at RIINVEST College. At present he teaches Microeconomics and Macroeconomics to first year students and Financial Institutions and Markets, and Risk Management and Insurance to third year students at the Faculty of Economics at UKZ Gjilan. During the academic year 2014/2015 Dr. Tosuni was Vice Rector for Budget and Finance at UKZ Gjilan and is currently Dean of the Faculty of Economics.
Luljete Berisha
Ms Berisha has 3 years’ experience in the administration of projects. Her work has included: studying relevant materials and organizing and facilitating regular meetings of working groups; organizing workshops and inviting participants and other stakeholders; assisting and identifying the best strategies; and submitting final reports to project managers. Ms Berisha is a representative of the UKZ Gjilan Academic Board in the Erasmus Mundus Action 2, WB project “Greentech” and she is the UKZ Gjilan contact person for the Euforia Project.
Xhevdet Thaqi
Prof Thaqi is Dean of Computer Sciences Faculty. He has 15 years experience of teaching, research and study in universities. He is uundertaking a study on Higher Education in Kosovo, identifying up-to-date developments in study programmes and the main challenges to Higher Education Institutions. Prof Thaqi is a representative of the Managing Board of the University in the Erasmus Mundus, Action2, WB project “Greentech”.

Contact Person: Gëzim Tosuni