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WP5 Giving Advice and Support to SMEs – Istog


WP5 Giving Advice and Support to SMEs


An SME Advice Centre Workshop to increase the capacity of women entrepreneurs in business planning and development in the Municipality of Istog also, Kosovo was held on 15 and 16 February 2018 at the Training Centre of the Istog Municipality.  The aim of the workshop was to focus on Distribution Channels and Digital Marketing, Business Development for SMEs and Access to Finance.


The workshop was run by Professor Ymer Havolli and Professor Visar Rrustemi from the University of Prishtina (UP-FE) and Ms Majlinda Mazelliu from Women in Business (GnB) with the support of Ms Tahire Gashi from GnB.


20 participants from local NGOs and SMEs attended the Workshop.


On the second day of the workshop (16 February) the Mayor of Istog Municipality, Mr. Haki Rugova, who provided the training centre/room of the municipality to the project without charge, paid a visit to the workshop, where he addressed the SMEs and pledged that he and the Municipality he runs will support the womens’ SMEs to develop their business ideas further and become competitive in Istog and the wider region.


Please see the attached Agenda